BSP001 and BSS001 are large size satin bag to fit everything you'll ever need. If you like bags a bit on the smaller side, BCC085 from cotton collection is for you as it got extra pockets to fit small little things. One thing good about Nantita brand is almost all of the medium- and large-sized bags have zipper tops which means you won’t have things falling out of your baby bag anymore.​

Working bags

Women can now “have it all”–a career, kids, a social life, hobbies–but that means an awful lot of running around throughout the day. Many working women make four or five stops between leaving the house in the morning and heading home at night. Even though they’re lugging plenty of stuff around, they want their bag to look sleek, compact, easy-to-carry bags that can fit a lot of small objects–a wallet, sunglasses, a phone, and a charger, without losing its rectangular shape.


BSCP613 and BCCP613 are shoulder bags or everyday bags that are the most functional bags of them all. They are big and fit in all your bare necessities, because we practically carry a mini supermarket anyway. Just do it in style.

Unlike shoulder bags or tote bags, cross-body bags are not as straining on your shoulders or back, which makes them one of the most comfortable options design-wise. Nantita has many choices when it comes to cross-body bags. BCC026 in cotton collection and BSS707 and BSS717/M from satin collection are versatile since you can wear it either on the side or in front of you where you can see it. For those in need of a sturdy and spacious cross-body appropriate for urban explorers, BCC621 cotton bag and BSS710 satin bag are cool, functional, and fit all of your essentials.​

Shopping bags

BP152, BP201, BP272-1, BP276 and BP390 from pleated collection are simply classy, elegant, and pure sophistication, because you cannot sport a huge bag when you are all dressed up for going shopping. The only problem some people have is not being able to decide what to carry and what to leave out. These pleated bags are more functional and comfortable to carry–have enough space to hold your card, cash, and phone too, plus you can carry it on the wrist and be palms free. Bags like these add to your style statement and amp up your overall look.

Baby and children bags

Whether they need to bring a binder and books to and from school, or just carry lunch and a jacket, most elementary school kids—and even many preschool and kindergarten children—need a backpack. Each Nantita backpack is appropriately sized for young kids, will last for years, is covered by a satisfaction guarantee, and will cost you less than an afternoon at the movies. It is recommended that a backpack should never weigh more than 10 to 20 percent of your child’s body weight.


Besides the main compartment, Nantita backpacks have an exterior pocket for quick access to smaller items, a handle for hanging the pack and for occasional one-handed carrying, and reflective strips for safety. Cartoon print in BCC092/S and a cute elephant in BCC501 will make your kids popular among their friends. In addition, these backpacks have an exterior water-bottle pouch to fit their small size water bottle.

Coin purses

Is your wallet too bulky or do you have a hard time finding small notes or coins you need at the checkout? Loose change is a common problem when you are searching in your bag. The best way to carry your coins is to get a coin purse. This way you always know where to reach for your coins and it will not get lost. BCC405 is a coin bag made up of cotton fabric and big enough to hold your business cards, membership and reward cards as well.

Cosmetic bags

When was the last time you bought a new makeup bag? If you're like most, it's probably been longer than you'd like to admit. A dirty makeup bag can become a hotbed for bacteria, especially if you don't clean your makeup brushes or toss old products as often as you should. Nantita cosmetic bags are available in three sizes: S, M, L (BSS411/S/L, BCC097/M) to help you get a fresh start and store your cosmetics in style.

Gifts and presents

People say it's the thought that counts in a gift. We say it's nice if it's fabulous as well! Our collection of unique gifts and presents can be personalized for your loves ones, showing that thought and planning went into the purchase.

Some Insights about Nantita's Bag Collections

Inspired by patriotism and love in the bag, NANTITA has never stopped developing in style and quality bags since 1992. All the products are exquisite and unique, and known to foreigners by either elephant or flower pattern.


Mom's bag

Trying to find a bag that won’t scream to the rest of the world that you’re a mom can be a challenge. We may be moms, but that doesn’t mean we automatically have to embrace looking frumpy or unstylish. Think about your wardrobe before you make any color choices. You might want to look for one that has more of a neutral color that will go better with most of your clothes. BCC608 has 5 different prints. Choose either floral print or stripe to match your outfit and reflect your own personal style.